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Projects and websites

Here are some cool projects and websites made by Specky

Specky Gallery

An art gallery full of art made by Specky

Lonely Place

A discontinued r/place clone (revival in the future??? 😳)


Kasumi dancing with amogus.

URL Shortener

A poopy URL shortener

SPWN Ideas

Some project ideas for SPWN

ANMT video player

A video player for ANMT files


A visualizer for Sorting Algorithms


Gambling simulator for real gamblers

Affiliated projects

Projects that people close to me made


A radio station made by Nicsi, Specky's brother

Social stuff

Here you can find ways to stalk Specky

Discord Server

A place to jump into and help out developing or just to chill around.


Specky's GitHub account containing lots of epic projects 😎


Specky's YouTube channel where he uploads videos about anything.


Specky's PayPal account for voluntary donations that will keep the servers running!